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Quintuplets Head To School

First day of school for my kiddos!


Two months shy of their third birthday, the quintuplets were headed to preschool. We were so emotional about it. This would be the first time since they were in the NICU at Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Children that they’d be without either one of us for more than a few hours. How would they adjust? Would they cry when we left? Would they cry all day? Would they eat? Would they play? Would they nap? Would they make friends? Would anyone understand them? Will they miss us? Will they miss each other? Ugh! Writing this almost a year later brings back all the anxiety.

Schools typically recommend multiples be separated and it was no different for us. There are 4 preschool classes at their school, so my job was to decide which two would be paired up. To be completely honest, my decision was based on mistrust. I was afraid teachers would mix the boys up, so to avoid that, I settled on separating all the boys and had Kamali’i (our only girl) join Keahi. The thought of separating them made me sad but I had faith that it was the best for them…and it was.

Yes, it would’ve been a heck of a lot easier for us if they were all in the same class, but to see their independence and confidence grow was amazing. Instead of saying we had to attend 5 different Christmas programs (don’t forget Makaio, our oldest boy!), I chose to say we were lucky to experience 5 different programs. Yes, they were all the same songs, but each program was different in its own way. With 15 different field trips, special snacks for each class and parent teacher conferences, we were kept busy and it was all worth it.

After the regular school year ended, there was a bit of a shuffle and they got new teachers and classmates for summer school. The transition was seamless and they adapted to their new environments with ease.

I’ve seen so much growth. From motor skills, communication, social skills, and going to the bathroom (woo hoo!), it’s been an amazing ride. Makaio has been instrumental in reinforcing what they learned. I sometimes don’t understand what the “babies” are singing, and Makaio will tell me. What I’m most proud of happens during meals. Each of the children will take turns being the prayer leader. They are so excited when it’s their turn and I am so proud to see and hear them give thanks for all that we have. My husband and I are so grateful for our blessings and it warms my heart to experience them appreciate their blessings as well.

This is only the beginning and the future is bright! The “babies” will begin another year of preschool in August and Makaio will be entering Kindergarten. I look forward to seeing their growth over the next year and can’t wait to hear about all they learn. Did I say I’m so proud?

Please enjoy some of these pictures taken throughout the school year:


It was the 100th day of school.  Here, Makaio is making a lei with 100 fruit loops.


Harvest Festival


Kupono leading the classroom prayer.


One of my favorite videos from Kaolu’s teachers.


Kamali’i and Keahi reading books about Sloths.


Blessing the food before breakfast.


Kaolu playing at the water table.


Kapena working on a rhyming activity.  Looks like he’s doing a great job!


The teachers were able to capture a picture of the Quints on their third birthday at school.


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