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Precious Pearl raises funds for CMN!

We are always so thankful for people who dedicate their time, talents and donation to support the health and well-being of Hawai‘i’s keiki! Giving can come in many creative forms, including flower pen bouquets for donations. Pearl retired from Kapiolani after 26 years, but still is an active part of the medical center. While Pearl was working, she would make these beautiful and useful items for colleagues’ birthdays and other special events, but when she retired, she ramped up production. Pearl returns every year for Kapiolani Radiothon for Kids and sets up shop in the dining room. She gives her pens out in bundles while asking for a small donation to Radiothon in return. No matter what her flower pens earn, Pearl always makes a generous donation. Mahalo Pearl for sharing the spirit of giving with patients, families, and staff! To learn more about Kapiolani and giving, visit

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