Meet 2016-17 Hawaii Champion, Julie

Photo shoots from the Hawaii Pacific Health Foundation's Wall of Hope for Kapiolani Medical Center shot on location at the Punahou President's House in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Day 1 Julie Kobayashi (12) cardiac enlarged heart/transplant Sidney Kato (58) breast cancer survivor Floracita Kobayashi - cancer survivor Dayson Schwarz (3) preemie/ short gut syndrome  Kainoa Lau (9) NICU Daizo __ (1.5) homebirth + PICU/NICU  Mckenna Mello (5) preclampsia and NICU Taylor Tagatac (9) cancer survivor Alexis Perez (8) -cochlear implants? Aiden (6) leukemia, sister & brother, Elijah (9) type 1 diabetes Alex & Anna Johnston (4) twins - NICU preemie babies with mom Christine Jamie Arce (18) NICU baby
The day before Thanksgiving in 2013, 11-year-old Julie was diagnosed with an enlarged heart. She was admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit with her heart functioning at only 10 percent. Julie’s doctors determined the need for a heart transplant and prepared Kapiolani’s specialized transport team to safely transport Julie to a mainland center.

Julie celebrated her birthday at the hospital and was informed that all the previously removed IV lines had to be reinserted. Later that afternoon, her family, staff and school friends surprised her with a party. She described her day as being the “burst” day – the “best but worst” day ever.

Julie is a mature, composed, cheerful and hopeful pre-teen. She is not ashamed of her condition and shares it openly with everyone. She is proud of her scar, as it’s a reminder of all she has been through.

How donations helped Julie at Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women & Children:  

Kapi‘olani’s pediatric transport team ensured that Julie was safely transferred from Kapi‘olani for her transplant surgery.  The transport team, funded in part by CMN Hospitals, is critical for ensuring that Hawaii’s children receive the medical care they need.

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