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Happy Holidays from the Dela Cruz Six Pack

Happy Holidays from our Ohana to yours! Having a family with a bunch of little ones is especially fun during the holidays. We’re doing our best to try and capture the spirit of the season by beginning traditions that’ll hopefully last their lifetime. I thought I’d share some of them with you along with some of the holiday photos we’ve captured over the past few years.


After we recover from Thanksgiving, we plan on unpacking all of our Christmas decorations to get our tree up and decked out before the first week of December ends. We’ll likely experience some Christmas Parades and definitely cruise around the island to look at the beautifully decorated homes and businesses as Christmas creeps closer.


The real fun will begin when the Elf (from Elf on the Shelf) makes an appearance to help keep an eye on my children for Santa. I had so much fun with this little guy last year, it’ll definitely be another tradition I plan on continuing.


Just about a week before Christmas, I had the elf in different (precarious) positions around my home. One night we found him trying to drive off in a pink car, and another night he was tangled in the strings from our window blinds. We even caught him on our Christmas tree trying to remove one of our ornaments!


The best was Christmas morning when Makaio discovered him sitting on our living room floor facing our Christmas tree with my phone in his hands. When Makaio handed me my phone, I discovered that the sneaky little elf took some pictures. When I showed them to Makaio, his eyes grew wide and you could just see the excitement take over his body. IT WAS SANTA!! The elf captured Santa placing the gifts under our tree!



After opening gifts, we had Chocolate Cake for breakfast (another new tradition). But before we could eat our cake, Makaio said a little prayer and we all sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. After all, he is the reason for the season. The rest of our day was spent together enjoying each other’s company and of course, all the fun gifts from Santa.



Here are some of the holiday memories we’ve created over the past few years. We all wish you a safe, joyous and wonderful holiday season with your families.


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12.10.15 They were two months old and still in the NICU. This is the first family photo of the eight of us. It’s #multiplebirthawarenessweek (in some countries) so I thought I’d throw it back to the first time we held our little miracles in our arms at the same time. What a special moment! After 5 1/2 weeks in the hospital, I gave birth to my quintuplets – 4 identical boys and 1 girl at 28 weeks and 6 days. They are the first set of quintuplets that include a set of identical quadruplets ever to be born. Isn’t that amazing? I’m still in awe 🙏🏼 #ilovemyquintuplets #quintuplets #makaioissotiny #ilovemysixpack #thisisus #threeyearsago #babymakaio #twinsandmultiples #multiples #keiki #soblessed #stillamazed #hawaii5omg #kapiolanimedicalcenter #childrensmiraclenetwork #midweekhawaii

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Check out the article MidWeek wrote just ahead of the Quintuplets’ first Christmas:


Christmas #1 with the Quintuplets



Christmas Pics at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children


Makaio’s first Christmas Program


Christmas Day, 2017






Mele Kalikimaka from the Dela Cruz Ohana


If you have any of your own Christmas Traditions you’re willing to share, we’d love to hear them. Please email us at